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A. Personal Evangelism


B. Public Evangelism (Also Principles on Christian Faith)


C. Literature Evangelism


D. Health Evangelism


To disciple students through Bible and health-based education for the purpose of reflecting God’s character of love to mankind.

field work

Students will not just get biblical and health instruction for the purpose of leading people to Christ but will get plenty of hands on outreach.


Study the science of soul winning and learn principles that will help in the following areas:

1. How to find Bible study interests
2. How to give and develop your own Bible studies
3. How to have effective visitations
4. How to handle and answer objections
5. How to appeal for people to make decisions
6. How prepare churches for soul winning
7. How to keep those who have made decisions for Christ and joined the church
8. How to reach those who have left the church

*This course goes through the 3 Ps (Preparation, Proclamation and Preservation) of evangelism and covers all of the phases needed in order to find, educate and secure someone in the Lord.


This course is designed to help students know how to study and preach our fundamental beliefs. The goal of this class is to equip each student with the tools that are needed to study, exemplify and execute the truths of God’s Word both by mouth and life. This class will cover the following:

1. Develop solid biblical sermons that are both authentically biblical and relevant to the target audience.

2. Deliver sermons in a way that connects with and impacts the audience.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the pastor’s vital role in shaping worship with the fundamentals of Adventism.

4. Be prepared to start on the journey of preaching our fundamental beliefs in an evangelistic series.


One of the last ministries that will be relevant and powerful in reaching people for Jesus is literature evangelism. This class will go over principles of reaching the lost through biblical literature. Learn how to be a literature evangelist by experiencing the following in this class:

1. How to clearly articulate what each piece of literature is about, and how it can transform a life.


2. The 5 Secrets to Successful Canvassing.

3. How to make friends with someone you just met in the community and keep a conversation going.

4. How to lead someone to Christ through using our literature.

5. How to sign someone up for a Bible study.


The goal of this class is to help each student be equipped to be a health coach to their contacts. One will learn the following in this class:

1. Principles of medical missionary work and the 8 Laws of Health

2. Natural remedies and simple home kitchen remedies

3. Homestyle hydrotherapy treatments

4. Common diseases and treatments

5. Nutrition


You will have plenty of outreach experience in applying all the principles you have learned. This field experience will give one the opportunity to apply friendship evangelism as a means of reaching people at their doors through Bible study, literature evangelism and health visitations.

future options

gospel medical missionary:

If you are sponsored by your church to come and learn from the Bible Institute, you will go back equipped to not just be their gospel medical missionary, but to train and equip others in your home church to be the same.

join our team:

Possibly join the Revelation of Love Ministries company evangelism team in the following areas:

1. Evangelist

2. Gospel Medical Missionary Leader

3. Literature Evangelist

you can become:

1. Church Planters

2. Medical Missionaries

3. Evangelists/Pastors

4. Church Trainers

5. Literature Evangelists

6. Missionaries


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