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The Full Story

   Since 2012 David Machado (President of Revelation of Love Ministries) has been doing full time evangelistic work, ranging from literature evangelism to public evangelism. By God’s grace, in the last 10 years, Revelation of Love has seen over 1,000 people make decisions for baptism in our public evangelistic meetings and over 1 million dollars’ worth of Bible-based literature enter into people’s homes. 60,000 of the ROL Bible study guides have been distributed all around the United States.
   In 2018 Revelation of Love Ministries had the wonderful privilege of partnering with Kenneth Cox Ministries. We have been so blessed in the mentorship we have gathered from Kenneth Cox and his ministry.

   In 2021, our ministry miraculously moved to Glenwood, Arkansas where we have the facilities for farming, baking, and educating.

   Since our arrival in our new ministry headquarters we have started a bakery and God has blessed our farm production to where we take our healthy products over to the local farmers market where we have been educating people on the health message. We have already made wonderful contacts at the farmers market and have gotten opportunities to share our health message at other denominational churches.

   By God’s grace we have opened our evangelism school – The Bible Institute, where we educate and train gospel medical missionaries while developing company evangelism teams.

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